The amount of calculus (also called hardened plaque/tarter), will determine if you need just a regular cleaning (prophy) or if there is need for a full mouth debridement. The accumulation of calculus will be thicker on your teeth the longer amount of time it has been since your last cleaning. Example: A patient that has had their teeth cleaned 6 months ago will have a light amount vs. a patient that has not had a cleaning in 5 years.

dental cleanings
dental cleanings

Regular Cleaning (Prophy)

Removal of light calculus, plaque and stain in one visit for a patient with a healthy mouth

Full Mouth Debridement (at least 2 treatment visit)

Removal of heavy calculus, plaque and stain in the presence of gingivitis and/or periodontal disease.

Perio Maintenance

Removal of calculus, plaque and stain from above and below the gumline. Patient with periodontal disease need deeper cleaning at closer intervals of 3 or 4 months with careful monitoring of pocketing.

Scaling & Root Planning (SPR)

This process is for patients with deeper periodontal pockets under the gumline, which is sometimes referred to as deep cleaning. Find out more information about Scaling & Root Planning (SPR).

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