EMAX Dental Crowns

EMAX Dental CrownsIn some cases, your dentist may recommend EMAX dental crowns. These crowns are made with a special ceramic material that is highly durable as well as being aesthetically appealing. Often, these crowns are helpful in restoring the integrity of teeth damaged as a result of tooth decay. Sometimes they are a treatment used alongside a root canal procedure.

When Are EMAX Dental Crowns Used?

The most common use of EMAX dental crowns is to improve the structural integrity of the tooth. They are often a necessary tool to help ensure the tooth does not further suffer damage. There are many people that may benefit from these dental crowns. Though your dentist will offer the best insight into whether they are right for you, there are some situations where they can be ideal.

  • Post-root canal: One of the most common times to use these types of crowns is after a root canal. At that time, the tooth is very fragile and at its highest risk for breakage aside from extensive damage. Emax dental crowns can work to provide protection from further damage. Because they look authentic and they are super strong, they tend to work well.
  • Fractured teeth: If you have a fractured tooth or a chipped tooth, it is possible to use EMAX dental crowns, in many cases, to protect the damage from worsening. The crown provides added structural strength and support for the broken tooth. Most of the time, this helps prevent the tooth from breaking further.
  • Crooked teeth: It is not uncommon for anterior teeth to be crooked. However, they do not have to stay that way. Using these crowns, it is possible to create a more aesthetically pleasing structure and alignment for the teeth.
  • Discoloration: The use of these dental crowns can also be helpful in creating a beautiful, white coloring. These crowns work well to protect your teeth from further staining as well.

What Are the Benefits of EMAX Crowns?

EMAX crowns provide numerous benefits over other products. For many, they tend to be the ideal choice. While your dentist may recommend another option in dental crowns, there are several reasons why these particular styles may be a good option for you.

Look Similar to Natural Teeth

One of the benefits of EMAX is that these crowns are partially translucent. This allows your teeth to have a very natural look. If you look closely at your natural teeth, you’ll notice they are slightly translucent as well.

This is significantly different from zirconia crowns, a common alternative option. EMAX crowns feel and look more natural. Zirconia tends to have a slightly opaque look to them as well, which makes them look less natural.

Highly Durable

EMAX dental crowns are made to be all ceramic. This makes them different from porcelain-fused metal, or PFM. In PFM, the metal is covered with porcelain. The result is that it is still possible to see a gray line from the metal along the gums in some cases. EMAX dental crowns do not do this. They match your natural teeth.

Perfectly Shaped

Another way these dental crowns stand out because they are milled in a very precise way, which helps create a very natural, perfect shape. This is done through CAD-CAM milling. This method helps to create crowns that fit the shape and size of your mouth, making it possible to match your natural teeth. Since your teeth are different from those of others, having this type of precise design is a benefit. Digital impressions of the tooth are created, and then that impression is uploaded to the software program for the CAD-CAM milling process. Within a short amount of time, a customized crown is created that works perfectly in your mouth.

EMAX Dental Crowns Process

Dentists have a lot of flexibility when it comes to creating dental crowns to meet your specific needs. The procedure will begin with a full examination to determine the best way to treat the underlying cause of the problem, such as treating the tooth decay.

After this is done, the actual placement procedure is performed. This involves cleaning the surface of the tooth and reshaping it as needed so that the crown can be fitted over the top of it.

In some situations, the teeth are reshaped, while in others, it is necessary to remove and drill out some of the tooth. Once it is decided that a dental crown like this is to be used, impressions of the tooth are created. This is added to the software that then creates the perfectly sized tooth for your mouth.

It can be a few weeks before the new crown is ready for you. During this time, a temporary crown may be applied to the area until the new one is made and ready to place. Once it is ready, the dentist will fit the new crown onto the tooth.

Is This the Right Solution for You?

To find out if EMAX dental crowns are the right solution for your smile improvement, reach out to see if they could solve your specific needs. Our team at Kawveh Nofallah DMD can help you with these dental crowns. Call us now to schedule an appointment in our Lakeland, FL office. Book an appointment time to discuss all of your dental care needs.

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