The days when basic toothbrushes and string floss were the only hygiene products for oral health are long gone. Now, you’ll find a plethora of options for keeping your teeth and gums clean. It is very likely that you’ll find that a basic toothbrush isn’t the best option for you. Therefore, we offer several choices in this category.

Hygiene Products Arestin


This prescription medication is typically prescribed after a scaling and root planing procedure. It is a site-specific antibiotic that helps kill the bacteria that cause periodontal disease. Its time-release formula makes it so special, which can keep working for up to 21 days. It, along with the scaling and root planing, reduces gum bleeding and pocket depth. This improves your oral health and helps you keep your teeth.

Hygiene Products Philips Sonicare

Philips® Sonicare™ Electric Toothbrush

This is an excellent choice for cleaning your teeth daily. It is far more effective than a basic manual toothbrush. Sonicare dental hygiene products use two main methods for achieving superior results. First, the electric toothbrush vibrates back and forth thousands of times per second, so your teeth are scrubbed much more than you could hope to accomplish with a regular brush. Second, the speed of its motion causes sonic waves to send water and toothpaste between the teeth and slightly under the gumline, where they dislodge bits of food that a manual toothbrush would miss.

Sonicare offers several types of brush heads to go with their powered handles. They all offer excellent plaque removal power that can far surpass what realistically be attained with a manual brush. However, some are made to be especially good at providing other benefits.

One of the best features of Sonicare is rarely advertised: it’s more fun to use than a regular brush. This makes it more likely actually to be used. Thanks to its timer, you’ll also know how long to use it, so you can be sure you’re getting the full benefit of each brushing session. Visit the Philips Sonicare website for more information.

Hygiene Products Clinpro

3M Clinpro™ 5000

If you are plagued with cavities, your dentist may recommend switching to 3M Clinpro 5000 toothpaste. This is a high-fluoride, mineralized toothpaste that provides extra protection against both crown and root cavities. It can even remineralize teeth enough to eliminate white spots and lines. For some people, it can even make the teeth whiter.

Hygiene Products Waterpik

Waterpik Water Flosser

Many people hate to floss with string. The Waterpik Water Flosser eliminates the problems with string floss, so the experience of using it is much more pleasant. With Waterpik hygiene products, you don’t have to try to cram your fingers into the back of your mouth to get the job done. Instead, you insert only a narrow tube (the “pik” of a Waterpik), which you can easily move to each space that needs cleaning.

The Waterpik also takes care of the problem of dirty floss. You don’t have to wind the nasty used string around your fingers because no string is involved. Of course, this also means that there isn’t a used string to try to dispose of once you’re done with a Waterpik session.

Because the Waterpik eliminates the off-putting aspects of flossing, you are much more likely to use it daily. When you do, you can look forward to improved gum health compared to not flossing. You may also find that your breath improves. Finally, you may find that your twice-yearly professional cleanings go faster thanks to having less tartar build-up.

The Importance of Dental Hygiene Products

Most people are told to use hygiene products, along with good use habits, to avoid cavities. In reality, this is just one of the reasons that the good use of dental hygiene products is important.

Good gum health also depends on good oral care. Your twice-yearly professional cleanings are essential for this, but they’re not the only part of it. Flossing, whether with a Waterpik or string, helps keep inflammation from starting up between the teeth. Brushing so that you clean just below the gum line also helps prevent inflammation and debris build-up between professional cleaning visits.

Prescribed Oral Hygiene Products

If you are prescribed hygiene products, it is because you have specific issues that can’t be adequately handled by over-the-counter versions. Be sure to use them as your dentist directs so that you gain the maximum possible benefit. This will help resolve your issues in as little time as possible.

The right oral hygiene products can also improve your breath and make your teeth look whiter. Sonicare’s line of powered toothbrushes is especially good for this because they get your teeth extra-clean.

To pick up these great dental hygiene products or learn which ones are the best for you, just stop by our office or contact us here at the office of Kawveh Nofallah, DMD in Lakeland.

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