Professional Whitening

LUMIBRITEĀ® whitening is a very effective whitening system completed in less than 2 hours, in-office by the dentist. It has minimal, if any, temporary sensitivity afterwards, and has been proven to create a brighter, whiter smile of up to 7 shades. Most importantly, integrated in the whitening gel is fluoride, which can help protect against demineralization and caries.

Included with this service is a maintenance kit containing a take-home whitening tray, whitening gel, whitening toothpaste, and a leather carrying case.

EZ-White Pro is an in-office whitening system with many benefits, including…

  • Minimal Time – Bright, white smile in as little as 60 minutes
  • Gentle – Little to NO sensitivity
  • Same-day results
  • Easy Maintenance – Use the EZ-White Pro Whitening Pen for touch up, or on the go.

Get 1 free with a purchase of the EZ-White Pro In-Office kit.

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